2009-09-01, 22:09
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late 2005
It had been a while since I made a (video) tutorial of my methods. In fact, my methods of painting have changed over the years and I hadn't done any graphics for quite some time, so I felt it was about time to do something about that.

I made a rough sketch of a fictional creature, scanned it and painted it as quickly and efficiently as I could manage without affecting quality too much. I used the Camtasia recorder to record a video. It lasts about 14 and a half minutes at 10x speed, so I spent approximately 2 and a half hours painting (this includes details, finishing touches and texturing work).

The full video is not up for download, since it is a whopping 70 megabytes in size. If you're curious, send me an email and I'll get you the video.
You can, however, catch a glimpse of the way I paint in these two excerpts (zipped, about 6 Mb).
To watch it, you will need the TSCC (Techsmith Codec).

I really should do this more often, and preferrably with a few smaller projects, to get some nice vids.
Preliminary Sketch
Preliminary Sketch
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